By Grace Barbic

 SPRINGFIELD — A national clean energy trade organization has released a report showing growth in electric transportation-related jobs in Illinois could position the state to lead the domestic supply chain.

Advanced Energy Economy, an industry association which promotes advanced energy technologies and services, released its “Electrifying Illinois” report which shows the state is on pace to reach 83% job growth in electric transportation-related work by 2024, regardless of legislative action.

The report was funded by the Advanced Energy Economy and prepared by the research group BW Research Partnership with a focus on examining economic and job opportunities as the automotive industry transitions to electric.

The anticipated growth would drive the workforce numbers up from the current 5,200 workers in Illinois to roughly 9,500 workers within the next three years.

Daniel Bloom, who leads legislative campaigns across the Midwest for Advanced Energy Economy, said this projected growth is a “conservative estimate.”

“This (report) is really looking at the opportunity for Illinois, but from the regional perspective,” Bloom said. “We don’t see a reason why Illinois can’t become a new Detroit.”