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Beneficial Electrification for a Better Illinois

Illinois has the chance to lead the nation by making it easier and speedier to adopt clean transportation technology through beneficial electrification. Investments in our grid system have given us a clean energy advantage, and innovative companies are ready to put Illinoisans to work. Becoming a clean transportation state will make Illinois a healthier, cleaner, more innovative, and more prosperous place to live.


Beneficial Electrification Facts

Beneficial electrification means partially – or fully – switching from technologies that use fossil fuel to those that use electricity, such as wind and solar energy. Many companies are turning to electrification to power clean transportation and industrial processes in an effort to reside emissions, increase efficiency, and help meet sustainability goals. Other benefits from electrification include cleaner air, better health outcomes, fuel savings and economic growth.


ICAN Policy Principles

Springfield can make Illinois a cleaner, healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous place to live by passing comprehensive EV legislation. As the General Assembly considers and develops bold and aggressive EV legislation, ICAN members strongly suggest using the following principles as a guide.


Beneficial Electrification for a Healthier Illinois

Illinois is facing an air pollution crisis. We need electrification now to improve health outcomes across our state.

Becoming a clean transportation state will result in cleaner air, technological innovation, economic development and consumer benefits – all while promoting a clean energy future for illinois.

Beneficial Electrification for Illinois Jobs and Economy

Illinois has the opportunity to grow our economy by promoting clean energy transportation. We need electrification now to improve the environment, help consumers and grow new jobs and industries across the state.


Beneficial Electrification Policy Principles

The following principles should guide our state’s regulatory and legislative efforts in supporting beneficial electrification.


Transportation and Beneficial Electrification Drive Major Economic Opportunities in Illinois

Report on the economic benefits of electrification to Illinois.


Electrification in the News

What people are saying about electrification in Illinois.


The Road To Clean Air Report

A full report describing the benefits of a nationwide transition to electric vehicles.


The Road To Clean Air Report Midwest Factsheet

A fast factsheet describing the benefits of a nationwide transition to electric vehicles.


The Road to Clean Air Factsheet

Illinois can save hundreds of lives and billions of dollars with electric transportation.


Electrification of CTA Buses

Report on the health implications of inaction.


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