“It is vital to our economy and our environment that critical stakeholders convene to advance a dialog about the important benefits that electrification can bring across all of Illinois. Recently, Chicago adopted one of the strongest electric vehicle ordinances in the country, and we hope that is just the beginning and will lead to greater adoption of electric vehicles. Workshops like this UIC event bring together some of the best and brightest minds in the industry to discuss how Illinois can eventually advance policy changes that will produce positive energy transportation options.

Increasing the number of electric vehicles will make Illinois a healthier, cleaner, and more prosperous place to live. Local and regional economies will grow, jobs will be created, and it will improve the air quality and health for our citizens.”



The transportation electrification transition necessitates addressing a wide range of issues and developing pathways to achieve success. The first workshop on Consumers & Social Equity in Transportation Electrification laid the foundation through a social equity and consumer lens to ensure that the benefits of transportation electrification are shared equitably across all consumers. The next step is to identify infrastructure needs from technology, installation, and ownership perspectives in order to better understand the capabilities, limitations, and opportunities of charging infrastructure for advancing transportation electrification for the state.