In honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day this week, Chicago took a positive step in the direction of increasing clean, safe, and reliable energy resources for its residents, consumers, and businesses. Passage of this ordinance is a clear signal that Chicago wants to be a national leader in the clean energy economy and recognizes that improving our air quality is a major priority.

Currently, Chicago is the third-worst major city in the nation when it comes to childhood asthma caused by transportation pollution. And these issues affect the people who can least afford them, as health issues caused by air pollution tend to disproportionately fall on low-income communities due to their proximity to major roadways and transportation hubs.

Under this ordinance that passed overwhelmingly, many new Chicago buildings will be required to be “Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment-Ready” making it easier for residents and businesses to transition to clean energy vehicles — all while helping our city and state become a leader in clean transportation.


About Chicago Ordinance O2019-8025: This ordinance will require all new residential buildings with five more units, and all new commercial buildings with 50 or more parking spaces, to have at least 20% of parking spots prepared with the equipment and infrastructure to be “Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment-Ready.” Full text here.